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    • Proper case selection is the first and most critical step in the successful pursuit of a medical malpractice claim.

    • Chart Expertz quickly and efficiently determines a case’s merit and, if the case is found to have merit, we move forward with a full medical record review.

    • Medical records can show what injuries you suffered, how much pain you experienced, what treatment was given, and how the injury affected and will continue to affect your life.

    • Let us turn disorganized medical records into a chronological medical history that allows you to jump directly to relevant portions of the medical records.

    • Auto accidents involve a variety of complex variables. All of which must be taken into account objectively to investigate a claim.

    • Chart Expertz provides a range of evidence-based medical evaluation services for workers' compensation insurance claims.

    • Our medical record review services can be customized to ensure effective streamlining of your health records.

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      • All medical chart reviews are handled in house. The information provided to us is never outsourced from our office to an offshore location.
      • The reports provided to our clients are clear and concise. We use objective medical standards such as those found in the Official Disability Guidelines and the Miller Criteria, and all reports are quality reviewed before submission.
      • Turnaround times for reports are among the best in the nation. If a deadline looms, we have "rush" options available as well.
      • The support staff at Chart Expertz is professional and experienced, and can be counted on for high quality support.
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